BetCo Feb 2016 Newsletter

The days are getting longer, yippee! Antsy to take your new puppy or long-time companion out to do something? We have some great classes starting every month!

February features our first daytime classes, an additional Grade School for our FC and P2 graduates, another Sports Sampler on a weekday evening and our ongoing SOCIAL HOUR - Open Play Times on Friday evenings!

    Sports Sampler

Explore three different sports in one class! 
Starting in February, enjoy two weeks of each - Freestyle, Treibball and NEW: Trick Dog!

Show off your dog's tricks and learn some new ones, to earn points towards your Trick Dog title. 

Starts Thursday, Feb 11, 2016
Runs from 6:15pm to 7:15pm for 6 weeks

Sign up before Feb 4th and use promo code PRE14 to save $10 of the class fee!

Preview March: Sports Sampler on Saturdays featuring Agility, Treibball and Trick Dog

Grade School

Distraction training to prepare for real-life situations

To all P2 and FC graduates: Now that you've learned how best to communicate with your dog, it's time to put it to practice!

This new class is pure training with your dog, from leash walking and working on the recall to keeping his focus on you versus any upcoming distractions. We'll increase the difficulties according to the dogs' abilities, making sure everybody is successful without anybody being bored.  

The next class is offered on Wednesdays at 5pm, starting February 10th. 

Our first daytime classes

We're thrilled as much as our clients and have already received the first sign-ups for our new Monday morning daytime classes starting Feb 8th! 

No driving in the dark or waiting for summer classes - get your puppy into class now! No rush hour traffic to battle -  use that time while the kids are at school or the spouse is at work - whatever your reason, here's your solution!

Classes are offered at 10am and 11:15am starting February 8th.

Next daytime classes after these start April 4th.

Let us know if we can offer a class that fits your schedule, we might just do it!

SOCIAL HOUR - Open Play Times

Especially puppies enjoy socializing and playing freely with other dogs. Quite a few adult dogs stay playful and love coming to our 'dog park'.

Why come to us and pay money when you can meet dogs elsewhere for free?

Ten good reasons to come to BetCo for dog play:

1) We are very strict about only allowing properly vaccinated and dewormed dogs - we want to see proof! That makes it possible for younger puppies to come before their vaccination series is finished.

2) Our play groups are divided by age and temperament. You can come with your 10lbs dog to play with other dog's THAT size. Currently we have three groups: Up to about 20lbs, 30-50lbs and 60+ lbs.

3) It's comfortable! We're indoors in the winter and when weather gets too rough in the summer. Otherwise we'll be in a fenced field on grass.  

4) We have two supervisors that ensure proper play and will intervene where needed. They'll help you set up a 'safety zone' for your timid dog until she's more confident interacting with the other dogs.

5) You'll learn what is acceptable play and what should be discouraged and how. You can take this knowledge with you when going to a dog park later.

6) We will dismiss dogs (without prejudice) when they are bullying to much or become aggressive. Some perfectly nice dogs just don’t work out in a play group. This helps the more timid dogs to come out of their shell.

7) There's often time to ask a behavioral question to Claudia, the certified professional dog trainer and owner.

8) You'll get to practice the recall under the supervision and guidance of our trainers.

9) You might find helpful training tools and books you can purchase right at the spot. (We do take credit cards, too)

10) You and your dog can get to know your future class room!

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