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NEW Why are you collecting stamps in your class folder???
Some FAQ about our classes answered in this issue
Have a wonderful HOLIDAY SEASON!!!

Dear dog lover,

We're working hard on making your experience here fun and worthwhile! The training is force-free in all classes and the dogs and their handlers enjoy learning. We help our dogs making the right choice, which means they learn to WANT to do what WE WANT them to do.

Our manners classes set a great FOUNDATION in basic obedience and allow continuation for higher levels up to the CGC®-Prep School, CLASS-BA® course and Rally College.

So, your dog is really good besides that one little thing, e.g. still pulling on leash? Contact us about our private lessons at your home!

Our different sports classes help to increase focus, attention span and self-control both on and off leash while channeling your dog's energy into a fun, desired behavior. Choose one or two or try them all! K9 Nose Work® Beginners starts in January on Sundays; or take Agility starting again in February on Saturdays! 

Open Play Time and Doggy Daycare have been well visited lately and the groups are awesome! The dogs are getting exercised and socialized either for one hour in the evening while you're watching and chatting with other dog owners or for hours on end during the day while you're busy otherwise.  Ask us if your dog could be suitable for this type of group play!


Why are you collecting stamps in your class folder?

We have a few nice surprises for you as you continue your training with us! Once you've collected four stamps for the same dog, let the instructor know and you'll receive a little gift from us!!! Keep going further and we'll keep having more surprises for you!

Intro to K9 Nose Work® *(Beginners) on Sundays!

In January, we'll offer two K9 Nose Work® Beginner classes on a Sunday evening. Join the fastest growing dog sport and give your dog an outlet that is exciting, based on its natural instincts. You will in the end calm your dog physically and mentally and develop an even closer bond.

Starts January 8th, runs for 6 weeks until February 12th, 2017.

CGC-Prep Class in January

Practice public manners with your dog in this class to prepare your dog not only for the AKC's Canine Good Citizen-test but also just for taking your polite dog out in public! The CGC exercises are also used in evaluations of therapy dogs.

Starts Wednesday, January 11th, 5-6 PM.

  FAQ about our classes

We read all class evaluations and take them to heart! 

Most of our evaluation forms come back after classes with great compliments to the program and the instructor - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Sometimes we get suggestions for improvements, or people share any concerns or disappointments they had - THANK YOU FOR YOUR HONEST OPINION!!!

Here are a couple that we'd like to respond to, in case there were more people having the same thoughts:

1) Why do we repeat exercises the dog already knows? Sometimes the dog knows it already from home or from having been at another class.

When the environment has changed; e.g. your dog now being in class instead of at home or being in a new class with different dogs than before, asking your dog for known behaviors will increase the overall confidence of your dog, build your dog's trust in you and your dog's trust in obedience helping them in new situations - when in doubt, fall back on learned behaviors!.

Often we'll put a little twist on the exercise to change it up a little bit, so that there IS something new in it for you, the handler. Like adding the exercise 'stand' or having the dogs lay down with front legs down first. Our dogs don't mind repeating known behaviors, they're happy to 'show off' as well as being challenged with new tasks.

2) Why aren't the dogs allowed to meet in Foundation Class and beyond? We get this question A LOT!

The dogs that come to our Foundation Class are not screened for getting along with other dogs nose-to-nose. So not all dogs in a behavior class are suitable to meet with other dogs. They might be too shy, too reactive or too forward to show the proper socialization skills needed for a meet-and-greet.

We actually do see a lot of dogs that want to meet, but wouldn't be respectful enough to give a dog space who doesn't want to meet as close-up. Different breeds have very different ideas of how to greet another dog. And especially here in Alaska a lot of very social dogs get so overly excited when they see their class mates close-up, they scare other dogs with their outgoing personality.

When our instructors see a dog that seems to 'just want to play', they often will suggest to the owners to contact us about our options for social meetings for their dogs, either our Open Play Times or our Doggy Daycare options. You're also welcome to invite another class student for a play date of your dogs outside our curriculum, maybe at one of the fenced in dog parks here in the Valley.

At the class, we want the dogs to learn to focus on the handler despite the distractions around them, to listen to the handler's requests instead of straining towards another dog, and to learn that pulling towards another dog will NOT be rewarded by allowing them to go over and meet the other dog.

Your BetCo team wishes you a wonderful New Year 2017!

May the love of your dog(s) be with you - and we sure hope to get to see you all!

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1400 Regine Ave
Wasilla, AK 99654
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