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November is around the corner and we have lots of fun classes for you to choose from! Take advantage of our pre-registration discount and save some bucks by signing up early! Just use code PRE14 at checkout! Sign up for the November classes by Oct 27th to get your discount! We still have room in our CLASS course on Sundays, for Agility Beginners on Saturdays, our fun Tricks class on Monday nights and our K9 Nose Work® class on Tuesday evenings.

We look forward to seeing you at class!

CLASS-BA Course starts Sunday, Nov 1st

CLASS stands for Canine Life And Social Skills. Earn your BA, MA and PhD starting with this class. A fun way to improve your dog's manners! We play games and role-plays to practice with our dogs, help you with ideas on how to maintain good behavior at home and you'll get better in handling your dog. Six dogs maximum, lots of personalized time!

Tricks, K9 Nose Work® or Agility - so many options!

Let me give you a brief description for each of them to help you choose the best class - but honestly, a lot of dogs are good at everything, and then it's your schedule that will dictate which class you can commit to!

Tricks 'N Clicks Class: Awesome for keeping your dog busy indoors with not much room. Great rainy day activities, showing new tricks off for friends, or maybe even turning your dog into a little household helper! Always wanted to know how to teach your dog to roll-over or to rather bring the slippers instead of eating them? That's your class! Your dog already knows that? There's plenty of other tricks we can teach.

K9 Nose Work®: Have you seen your dog find a crumb or his ball using his nose? Would you like to understand better how your dog does this, or actually give your dog a job using that talent? Join our Nose Work team! Easily copied at home indoors and outside, not much equipment needed, for dogs of all ages, shapes and sizes, with or without disabilities, friendly, shy, dog-reactive, active, slow ... no prerequisites necessary! We'll offer either a Beginner or an Intro to Odor class in this time slot, so sign up soon to make it YOUR class!

Agility: A great way to exercise yourself and your dog! We do require all dogs to have taken a behavior/obedience class first and to be at least 6 months old. We'll introduce the dogs to jumps, tunnels, tire, dog walk, A-frame, teeter-totter and weave poles, and how to safely maneuver them. A great confidence builder, this activity needs a bit more room and some equipment to copy at home. Enjoy the comfort of our indoor arena to exercise your dog while winter is left outside!

Elementary School - should you join?

During Elementary School we build on the dog's knowledge of obedience cues learned in Puppy 2 or Foundation Class. After having taken your dog through either Puppy 1 & 2 or Foundation Class, you understand how to use the clicker, how to help your dog to Sit and Down and to walk on a loose leash. Nothing is perfect yet, you and your dog NEED MORE PRACTICE. That's where Elementary School comes in!

We're now expanding the Sits and Downs into Stays, every dog/handler team working at their level. The instructor will show you how to improve the dog's patience and self-control, and how/when to ask for more to keep the dog challenged. Leash-walking and focus will be practiced almost every week, with all the dogs moving at the same time in patterns through the arena. In ES, we add fun new exercises like the 'Front' and 'Swing' (return to heel position), and teach foot placement awareness, which can be turned into impressive tricks to show off or help with future dog sports. So no matter if your dog is 6 months or 8 years, you can join our Elementary School! We often see youngsters taking Elementary School at 6 months, and then repeating it later when they're more mature.

It's great to see how owners are able to improve their handling, and the dogs being ready for more difficult tasks. if you haven't taken a class with us yet, we do ask you to first join our Foundation Class for important basics, before signing up for our Elementary School. And what comes after Elementary School? The doors are wide open to anything! High School (CGC Prep) or Rally College (High School is not needed to join Rally College), CLASS Course or any of our dog sports: Agility, K9 Nose Work, Freestyle, Treibball, Tricks 'N Clicks ...)

Loose Leash Walking with the Gentle Leader® head halter

Our October LLW mini private lessons are filling, so reserve your spot now!
When: Monday, Oct 26, starting at 5pm in 30 minute increments.
Where: Here at our Regine Dog Training facility.
Fee: $45 for 30 minutes; only you, your dog and the instructor!
Tentative next date: Thursday, Dec 3rd.

The Better Companion, LLC, 1400 Regine Ave, Wasilla, AK 99654, United States

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